Countryside and People
This edifice was next to the archaelogical site. When we asked about taking a picture of the children, they dutifuly posed. However, when Arlene showed them their picture on the digital camera, they were totally confused!
This was apparently a "living space"- roof, but only partially walled. A television was running to the left of this scene.
Most Thai males are ordained as monks in adolescence and serve a few months. Such are probably these boys near the banyan tree. Some, of course, make a life-time commitment.
Another "spirit-house" - this one in the open countryside. The boardwalk is probably a necessity in the monsoon season!
Many spirit houses are very ornate, probably depending upon the financial resources of the owner. This one is beside a 7-Eleven store.

This fruit market and eating place are near the "spirit-house" - just past the also ubiquitous 7-Eleven. The heaped brown objects are a fruit named "tamarind." Wayne thinks their taste is similar to dates. There are also some near-ripe mangos in front of them.

Part of a series of "shops" across from the Banyan tree. Lots of trinkets and mementos.
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