River Boat Tour
We toured the Chao Praya River in a boat like this one.
Houses line the river, many on stilts.
Some seem to have more wealthy owners than others.
Buddhist temples are everywhere, including along the river.
The sign on this house says "Near the Klong"!! Our guide said, "It certainly is - it's on it!" Apparently, the word means "canal" (for part of the time we were on the river and part of the time on canals).
Most yards in Thailand have a spirit house for protection, even if the "yard" is the river. (This one does not show up well, as it is white against a white house, but it is in the middle of the picture.)
This woman selling souvenirs from her boat came alongside our boat to offer her wares. At least her business was still "afloat"!
There is a river market for folks who want to shop from their boats.
Food is also prepared and served.
These boats are used to transport large loads of rice or other products. Families often live in them during the transporting process.
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