Buddhist Temples
This is the solid gold Buddha - all five tons of it - located at Wat Traimit in Bangkok's Chinatown.
The main bot at Wat Pho houses this bronze Buddha which was salvaged from the former national capital at Ayutthaya. Note the ornate setting. The folk in front of it are a mix of tourists and worshippers.
Chedi near the temple in the Royal Palace complex. Almost everyone in Thailand these days is cremated at death. Some people bring the ashes of their loved ones to a chedi, carve out a small hole for them, and then plug the hole with cement carved with the person's name and dates.
A singha guards this temple entrance, festooned with a ring of jasmine, and is a backdrop for this American tourist!
Near each temple is a bell tower. This one is particularly ornate with the added feature of a drum on the lower level.
The figurines behind us alternate images for good and evil, and there we are - between good and evil!
Buddhas usually have a draped bit of cloth over the shoulder, but this reclining Buddha is really covered up!
This shrine is at the banyan tree. (Buddha was said to have been under a banyan tree when he was enlightened.) Several worshippers here brought their private questions and sought answers by throwing a couple of wooden amulets, whose position when they landed told the answer: "yes," "no," or "maybe."
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