Definition of Form Data

[Approved: Subject Analysis Committee, Jan. 25, 1993; CCS Executive Committee, Jan. 26, 1993; ALCTS Board of Directors, Jan. 26, 1993]

Form data are those terms and phrases that designate specific kinds or genres of materials. Materials designated with these terms or phrases may be determined by an examination of:

their physical character (e.g., videocassettes, photographs, maps, broadsides)

the particular type of data that they contain (e.g., bibliographies, questionnaires, statistics)

the arrangement of information within them (e.g., diaries, outlines, indexes)

the style, technique, purpose, or intended audience (e.g., drama, romances, cartoons, commercials, popular works)

or a combination of the above (e.g., scores)

A single term may be modified by other terms, in which case the whole phrase is considered to be form data (e.g., aerial photographs, French dictionaries, conversation and phrase books, wind ensemble suites, telephone directories, vellum bound books, science fiction).

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