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LIS 2657: Automation of Library Systems and Services

Fall 1998
Wednesday 3:00 - 5:50 p.m.
Room 501

Taught by:
Arlene G. Taylor

Description of Course
Course Plan
Assignment Schedule
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Description of course

Study of the automation of library environments. Examination of the place of online systems in the current practice of acquiring, organizing, housing, maintaining, conserving, and circulating collections. Investigation and evaluation of systems available and in development, and examination of their use and functions. (Pre- or Co-requisite: LIS 2001)

Course Goals and Objectives:

To become conversant with levels of automation, ranging from a single personal computer to a full-blown infrastructure using mainframe(s) and/or networked workstations.

To understand the common set of decisions that need to be made in the process of adding new components or replacing existing applications in all library automated systems.

To become acquainted with functions of the standard components of an information infrastructure, including: Computer hardware, Operating Systems, and Networks,

To learn what is involved in preparing the RFP (Request for Proposal), selecting vendors, evaluating systems and software, and then implementing a system once a decision has been made.

To become acquainted with tools and concepts of significance to systems librarians.

To understand the library functions that have been automated and how automation enhances the operability of the functions.

To become acquainted with the place of the local integrated system in a global information society.

To acquire the ability to analyze and evaluate vended systems.

Course Plan:

Required readings
Week 1: Sept. 2, 1998
Why automate? 
Boss, Chapters 1-2, pp. 1-30 
Borgman, "From Acting Locally ..."
Lancaster & Sandore, Chapter 1, pp. 1-5
Week 2: Sept. 9, 1998

Dan Iddings
Systems in libraries;
Delivering public service via the WWW
Imhoff, especially Chapter 4, pp. 61-74, Chapter 6, pp. 97-116
Lancaster & Sandore, Chapters 2-4, pp. 6-46
Week 3: Sept. 16, 1998

Mary Sue Iddings

Vendor: Endeavor -- Voyager

Karetzky, "Choosing an Automated System"
Endeavor web site
Berry, Bilal & Penniman, "The Competitive Struggle"
Week 4: Sept. 23, 1998

Erika Linke
Alice Bright

Meet at CMU

Automation process -- RFP, bidding, selection 

Serials control


Bernard, "10 Proposal Related Questions..." 
Boss, Chapter 11, pp.145-165. 
"Questions frequently asked ..."
"Research and Planning are Key..."
Wilkinson & Bordeianu, "In search of the Perfect ..." 
Meghabghab, Automating Media..., Chapter 4, pp. 39-83.
Sirsi's website
Week 5: Sept. 30, 1998

Hong Xu
Pat Clemson
Systems librarianship;
Infrastructure: General

Boss, Chapter 3, pp.31-40 
Foote, "The Systems Librarian..." 
Inmon, Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-62
Lavagnino, "Networking and the Role ..." 
Parkhurst, "The Inhouse Expert ..." 
Week 6: Oct. 7, 1998

Ida Flynn
Chris Tomer
Operating Systems; Networking  Flynn & McHoes, Chapter 1, pp. 3-16, Chapter 10, pp. 225-244. 
Boss, Chapter 4, pp. 41-58; Chapter 7, pp. 83-105; Chapters 9-10, pp. 119-143.
Boss, "Standards for Automated Library Systems"
Meghabghab, Chapter 3, pp. 31-38, and Chapter 7, pp. 129-140
Week 7: Oct. 14, 1998

John Rose
Vendor: Ameritech -- Horizon Horizon web site
Berry, Bilal & Penniman, "The Competitive Struggle"
Week 8: Oct. 21, 1998

Denise Novak


EDI and Standards Infrastructure;
Barber, "Vendor Profiles" in Library Technology Reports 31(5): 567-575.
Boss, Chapter 6, pp. 73-75
Richter & Roca, "An X12 Implementation in Serials"
Wilhite, "Templates: Providing Structure"
Davis, "EDI and the Library..." 
Libicki, pp. 166-172.
McKay, "EDI and X12" 
Week 9: Oct. 28, 1998

Charlotte Tancin
Preservation Boomgaarten, "Preservation..."
Week 10: Nov. 4, 1998

Diane Lucas
Authority control
Andres, "Original cataloging with BiblioFile"
Boss, Chapter 6, pp. 75-77
Joseph & Fricke, "Issues in Managing Automated Cataloging"
Week 11: Nov. 11, 1998

Pat Duff
Audrey Sites
Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Management data, etc.  Boss, Chapter 6, pp. 77-81
Ogg, Chapter 13, pp. 193-204
Lancaster & Sandore, Chapters 5-6, pp. 47-82; Chapter 11, pp. 145-60.
Week 12: Nov. 18, 1998

Dennis Smith
Fern Brody

Online public access catalogs (OPAC's);
General system choice/management
Behesti, "The Evolving OPAC"
Yee & Layne, "Online Public Access Catalogs"
Dennis, Carter & Bordeianu,"Vision vs. Reality"
Week 13: Dec. 2, 1998
Miscellaneous topics  Boss, Chapter 8, pp. 107-117; Chapter 12, pp. 167-171.
Greene, "Innopac Millennium"
Klingler & Wiggins, "Managing a Campus-Wide Information Service"
Maas & Mabry, "Automating Information and Referral"
Lancaster & Sandore, Chapter 9, pp. 117-127
Week 14: Dec. 9, 1998
Group presentations  .
Week 15: Dec. 16, 1998
Group presentations  .

Assignment Schedule

Every 2 weeks starting Sept. 15: Comments about the listserv due on class alias - 10% of grade

Oct. 21: Evaluation of a vendor due - 40% of grade

Dec. 9 and 16: Group presentations - 40% of grade

Sept. 2 - Dec. 16: Participation in class discussions and on class alias expected - 10% of grade



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Selected Websites Related to Library Automation

AcqWeb's Guide to Automated Library Systems, Library Software, Hardware, and Consulting Companies

Library Automation Page, maintained by Andrew Osborne.

Library Automation Vendors

Library Computer Accessories on the Internet

The Public Service Librarian's Professional Guide to Internet Resources

Vendors of Related Products and Services

Serials Directly Related to Library Automation, Technical Services, etc.

Other Serials Related to Managing Library Projects and System Librarianship

Course Information:

Office Hours: Arlene G. Taylor
Office: 642 SIS Bldg.
Office hours: Tues., 2:00-4:00, or by appointment
Office tel.: 624-9452

The course consists of lectures by teachers and guests, discussions in class and on the class discussion list (set up as an “alias”), class/lab demonstrations, out-of-class assignments, and in-class student presentations.

As a student you are expected to attend class, read the assigned readings, participate in class discussions and on the class electronic discussion list, complete in-class and homework assignments, and to be present on days when you are to make presentations to the rest of the class. You are responsible for using the resources of the department and the university to learn how to use PITTCAT and other public retrieval systems, the University of Pittsburgh libraries, electronic mail and newsgroups, and OCLC.

Reserve Materials
A list of reserve materials is included in this syllabus. The reserve list includes some supplemental texts that may be of interest to you to examine or read. Additional materials may be put on reserve during the semester.

Due dates for assignments are included in this syllabus. You are encouraged to ask for assistance with them when needed. You may discuss your work on these assignments with each other, but the ultimate work you turn in should be the result of your having done the work yourself, not having copied from other students.

Evaluation of your work is based on the percentages given with the assigment due dates provided in this syllabus.

Late Policy
All assignments must be turned in on time. Late assignments will not be accepted except in dire circumstances. Incompletes will be given only under the most extreme of conditions and with the understanding that the final grade will usually then be one letter grade less than it would have been had the work been completed on time.

Language Courtesy
Inclusive language: Gender-inclusive language is required in all course work and presentations. The use of respectful language in any situation is not a matter of “political correctness” but one of simple courtesy.