Controlled Vocabulary in the Age of Google? Really? (November 2012) [Notes used with slides]

Lessons from Implementation of AACR1 and AACR2 (January 2010)

Comparison of Keyword Searching Using FAST vs. Using LCSH (June 2006)

Metadata, FRBR, and New Challenges (October 2004)

What Have We Got to Lose? The Effect of Controlled Vocabulary
on Keyword Searching Results
(June 2004)

Metadata, Ontologies, Taxonomies, Oh My! (January 2004)

Cataloging: Ticket to the Past, the Present, and the Future (October 2000)

  Authority Control: Where It's Been and Where It's Going (November 1999) [Paper] {Powerpoint}

A World of Disappearing Boundaries (October 1997) [Paper] {Powerpoint}



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