Arie Beresteanu @Pitt

Running fun

Presonal records

5K: 0:19:58 (June 2012, Skokie, Illinois)

4M: 0:26:43 (July 2009, Raleigh, North Carolina)

5M: 0:36:36 (July 2008, Raleigh, North Carolina)

10K: 0:42:01 (June 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Half Marathon 1:34:08 (September 2011, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)

Marathon: 3:18:45 (May 2012, Potomac, Maryland)

Web Resources

Runner's World Magazine

Endurance Magazine (event registration)

Runner's High (local western PA events) (mapping tool) (local races in Israel, in Hebrew)


Benjamin Rapoport, Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners, Computational Biology, October 2010.

Arthur Lydiard, The Osaka Lecture, 1990.

Owen Anderson, Carbo loading: managing your glycogen intake without overloading on glucose, Peak Performance Magazine.

Jan Nissl (RN) Rehydration drinks WebMD (substitute some of the sugar with orange juice for taste)

Patric McCrann, Marathon Nutrition plan (Includes this diagram)

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Team Physician and Conditioning of Athletes for Sports: A Consensus Statement, October 2001

Funny and Inspiring Links

What is Strong? Saucony commercial

The man who kept running Apple watch

I would run to you Nike commercial

The morning Run Mizuno Commercial

The long run Adidas commercial

The Spirit of the Marathon movie trailer

A day After the Marathon funny clip by London Flora Marathon

Patrick Makau breaks marathon record in Berlin Berlin Marathon 2011 (current record: 2:02:57)

Gebrselassie breaks marathon record in Berlin Berlin Marathon 2008 (old record)

Paula Radcliffe breaks marathon record London 2003

Bekele wins with a bloody foot 5K, Berlin 2009

Tergat Vs Haile G in 10K Sidney, 2000 Olympics

Usain Bolt records compilation

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift Steve Prefontaine

Boston Marathon 2008 women's Finish Boston 2008

Billy Mills, 1964 Olympics, 10000m, Tokyo 1964

1972 Olympic 800m Final the most amazing finish by Dave Wottle (USA)

2011 NCAA 800m finals a replay of the above 39 years later!

Sometimes someone needs to make a statement Michael Stember, California state meet 1600m Men, 4:04

A great finish to a 10K track race, Steve Jones

Amazing way to win after a fall, Heather Dorniden

Don't celebrate too soon!, 2014, Shanghai, China, IAAF Track and Field Diamond League (800m men)

It's not over till it's over, Chicago marathon 2007, women's finish

Scenes from Movies

Run Fat Boy Run, Hitting the Wall Scene

Rocky I, Training Scene

Chariots of Fire opening scene, He who honors God Eric Liddel scene

Saint Ralph, Marathon scene

Running Programs

10K advanced 5K to 10K effort based 5K program

Ryan Hall's Half Marathon program (RunnersWorld)

Brooks Hanson's marathon training program (RunningTimes)