A game in the Heisenberg group


The Heisenberg group is $\mathbb{R}^3$ with an interesting metric structure, see here.

In this particular project, the player tries to collect balls, all while escaping from ghosts. All players move along the rules of the Heisenberg group.

Here is an early preview playable without VR, but it does not work that great.

For the full game install the apk file on your Oculus Quest 2 (you probably need to activate developer mode and use some sort of sideload program, e.g. sidequest).

The game is also available directly via sidequest, however it is there without sound.

(Works on Oculus Quest 2, you must set the oculus to developer mode, and then load the apk to the quest e.g. via sidequest)


  • This is part of the NSF Career project DMS-2044898 (2021-2026)