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Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test :

Pitt Researchers Turning Marijuana Breathalyzer into Rapid COVID Test

Pitt And UPMC Researchers Working On Rapid Coronavirus Test That Delivers Result In 5 Minutes

Work on rapid COVID-19 test with results in minutes conducted in Pittsburgh

Pitt inventor of the marijuana breathalyzer creates 5-minute Covid test

THC Breathalyzer :

THC Breathalyzer In The Works At Pitt, But There's Still No Solid Link With Intoxication

New device uses carbon nanotubes to detect marijuana in human breath

University of Pittsburgh researchers develop breathalyzer that can detect marijuana

Pitt team develops marijuana breathalyzer

University Of Pittsburgh Researchers Develop Breathalyzer For Marijuana

Pitt researchers develop marijuana breathalyzer

Pitt researchers develop breathalyzer prototype for marijuana

The Weed Breathalyzer Is Coming

Scientists Unveil Weed Breathalyzer, Launching Debate Over Next Steps

Pitt researchers developing breathalyzer to detect THC levels

Companies are Racing to Build Billion Times More Sensitive Breathalyzer for Weed

Carbon Nanotube Based Memory Device :

Carbon Nanotube Based Memory Device

Wireless pH sensor:

Microchip could detect infection in artificial joints

Detecting infection with a microchip

Carbon nanotube-based acetone sensor:

Research Team's Findings on Carbon Nanotubes Could Offer New Diabetes Test

Chemists working to create breathalyzer to detect & monitor diabetes

Monitoring diabetes with core-shell hybrid titania-carbon nanotube composite

Researchers explore new diabetes test

Gold Nanowires for gas sensing:

Gold Nanowires Sense Gas

Pitt Researchers Coax Gold Into Nanowires

Articles featuring Dr. Star:

Graphene earning nickname of 'miracle material'

Chancellor Announces 2011 Distinguished Research Awards

New tech could detect asthma attacks and other health hazards

Pitt chemistry professor at the forefront of a futuristic science

Nanocapsules for drug delivery/energy storage:

Carbon nanocapsules for drug delivery and energy storage

Carbon Nanocapsules Hold Promise for Future Drug-Delivery and Imaging Applications

Dual Devices by Pitt Researchers Harness Carbon Nanomaterials for Enhanced Drug Delivery Systems, Oxygen Sensors

Nano cups filled in Pitt lab

Enzymatic biodegradation of carbon nanotubes:

Natural Enzyme Degrades Nanotubes

Nontoxic Clean-up Method for Common, Potentially Toxic Nano Materials

Biodegradation of carbon nanotubes could mitigate potential toxic effects

Scientists kill gray goo with horseradish

Nano-spill? Try horseradish

Horseradish enzyme clears nanotubes

Biodegradation of carbon nanotubes (Tribology & Lubrication Technology)

Carbon nanotube-based sensor for carbon dioxide detection:

Alexander Star on Nanoelectronic Carbon Dioxide Sensors

Carbon nanotube-based sensor for oxygen detection:

Nanotubes promise ultra-small wearable oxygen sensors

Carbon nanotube sensors detect minute levels of oxygen

Dual Devices by Pitt Researchers Harness Carbon Nanomaterials for Enhanced Drug Delivery Systems, Oxygen Sensors

Nanotubes used in oxygen sensor

Carbon nanotube-based sensor for nitric oxide detection:

Countdown to the top 10 gadgets of 2007

Pitt professor's invention may warn of asthma attack

Nano Sensor Could Predict Asthma Attacks

Nanotube Asthma Sensors

Alex Star and Minhee Yun (electrical engineering) were awarded a $200,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to design a lecture and a lab to teach a course in nanodevices.

Pitt Combines Tiny Science, Tiny Tech in Multidisciplinary NSF-Funded Course

Carbon nanotube-derived device detects gene mutations without labeling (NanoBiotech News):

A Better DNA Detector

Carbon Nanotube Network Detects DNA without Labels (National Cancer Institute)

Carbon nanotube device detects genetic mutations

Carbon Nanotube Transistor Can Detect Genetic Mutations (