Hong Kong
As we approached Hong Kong, the skyline took shape. Loads of students were surprised at how modern the city looked from the ship.
We reached Hong Kong this morning. As we awoke, we were able to see the stark contrasts of Hong Kong--the new as a backdrop of the old was interesting to study.
We pulled into a very modern port, at a choice, picturesque pier right next to the Star Ferry. Our dock was on the Kowloon (mainland) side of Hong Kong.
Some students had adventuresome parents who flew to Hong Kong to greet their kids as they arrived. It warmed the heart to see them all reunite.
Christy invited Cait and Gen (a few ship friends) to eat lunch with us. We chose a restaurant almost at random and had a great meal. Here is the threesome in the midst of singing a song
We took the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island (from Hong Kong's peninsula called Kowloon) and saw a great view of the metropolis
On Hong Kong Island, we had a great evening view of Hong Kong

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Photos copyright 1999, Dennis F. Galletta