SAS Fall 1999 Staff E-mail Addresses

Here are two lists:

  1. For group messages: The first you can drag and copy (one or a few at a time, or the entire list), then paste into an e-mail TO box (assuming the comma is legal in your package).
  2. For individual messages using your non-browser e-mail package (such as Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Mail, etc.) The second you can simply use for one person; just click on a given person's name and your e-mail package will begin.
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The following people have requested that their e-mail addresses not be included on this page. If you send a message to these people, you will not reach: (so far: Julie Bowden).

List 1: For group messages or Web-based e-mail (drag, copy, drop into the "to" field).

"Brigitta Alkofer" <>,
"Trenay Allen" <>,
"Christine Asenjo" <>,
"Julian Asenjo" <>,
"Rain" <>,
"Joyce Binam" <>,
"Dexter Binder" <>,
"Karen Burns" <>,
"Karen Burns" <>,
"Joan Campbell" <>,
"Carren Corpron" <>,
"Lee Drysdale" <>,
"Skye Fitzgerald" <>,
"Kay Fore" <>,
"Ed Glatfelter" <>,
"Kristin Hageman" <>,
"Chad Harder" <>,
"Ranetta Hardin" <>,
"Marvel Harrison" <>,
"Rosamond Hobart" <>,
"Monica Ingold" <>,
"Eric Lassahn" <>,
"Scott Macleod" <>,
"Laurel Macleod" <>,
"Joseph Mitchell" <>,
"Julie Murray" <>,
"Eric Ozretich" <>,
"Tera Porterfield" <>,
"Laura Rubinstein" <>,
"Marti Sharman" <>,
"Bruce Steele" <>,
"David Stonington" <>,
"Adelaide Sukiennik" <>,
"Andrew Sykes" <>,
"Dave Timko" <>,
"Charles Tsai" <>,
"Jessica Wagoner" <>,
"Heidi Zeich" <>

List 2: For individual messages using an E-mail package on your computer.

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