Literature and Ideas Reading Paper Topic

Literature and Ideas
Fall 2013
First Paper Topic
Due: September 16, 2013
9:00 a.m.



Please write about the following.

In a paper of two to three pages, please discuss the various reading habits and ideas about reading expressed by Dr. Atteberry, Mr. Engleka, Mrs. Lamont and Mrs. Andes. Specifically, discuss what they read, why they read and how and how much they read. Be sure to note similarities and differences. Finally, discuss some of the things that surprised you about what they said. Feel free to point out any ideas or approaches that you don't agree with.

To receive full credit for the paper, you must be in class for all the presentations. For every presentation you miss, your paper grade will be reduced 25%.

Please submit this as a Microsoft Word document. Email it to me as an attachment from your Pitt account.