Discussion Board Rules
Adolescent Literature

1. Typically, discussions will be posted the day before our classroom discussions begin and remain available for five to seven days. Some weeks we will not run an online discussion. Mostly, those will be test weeks or vacation weeks.

2. Establish your own threads, but make sure your name is in the thread title. (The thread title can simply be your name.)

3. I do not have a formal rubric for grading, but I do have certain priorities. 1) You must have three entries of around 30 words to receive a passing grade. To receive a good grade, you need more. 2) Your grade will be better if you participate throughout the week. Posts--however brilliant--are not worth as much if posted at the last minute (because people don't have an opportunity to read them.) 3) Posts which largely repeat what has already been said do not receive as much credit as those which take the conversation in new places.

5. Grammar and spelling do not count--but try to be literate!

6. At the end of each discussion, I will give you a grade based upon the frequency and quality of your posts.

NOTE: Discussion boards do not work unless you read and think about what others have written. Try to look at the board once--maybe even twice--a day. Perhaps you will want to think about what others have said before you make your own post.

Depending on how things go, we may tweak the rules as we go along. If you have suggestions for altering the rules, please let me know, and I'll be happy to consider them.

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