Boston: Segues

The following represents what the Segue Service would recommend to enthusiasts who would like to smooth out the inconsistencies within their four studio albums. No songs in their catalog are omitted, rather, all are resequenced to highlight the extent to which the band represents classic rock. The Service considers the Third Stage album a gold standard in song sequencing; for the purpose of this segue recommendation, the other three 45-minute sides attempt to create similar progressions of concept. Die-hard enthusiasts of the debut album may consider this sacrilege, but The Service feels that the placement of Foreplay/Long Time third on that album created a relative anticlimax, which did a disservice to several great tracks which followed. The Service aims to resolve the anticlimax found in their first, second and fourth albums by creating the following four tape sequence, in increasing order of intensity. We welcome your critique. Feel free to contact the proprietor of the service at for comments, or requests for contracted service.