Updated!!! Dan Fogelberg: Segues

The following represents what the Segue Service would recommend to enthusiasts who would like to summarize the thorough 4-disc boxed set "Portrait" into two, 110 minute collections. The Service was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the "Portrait" boxed set, and we recommend it for big fans.

1972-1981, Side 1 (55 minutes)


1972-1981, Side 2 (55 minutes)

1982-1997, Side 1 (55 minutes)

1982-1997, Side 2 (55 minutes)


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The following represents the Segue Service’s previous recommendation for those who would like to summarize his greatest hits and other 1974-1990 material into a 90 minute best-of tape. The service feels that this artist has more satisfying material than can be captured on a single tape (reflected above in the summarized boxed set). We welcome your critique. Feel free to contact the proprietor of the service at baw3@pop.pitt.edu for comments, or requests for contracted service.

Side 1 (45 minutes)

Side 2 (45 minutes)

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