Pink Floyd: Segues

NEW!!! "Before the Dark Side" Collection (1966-1972)

This is a compelling song order for our friends of the Floyd who wish to commemorate their best tracks (with and without Syd Barrett). The two collections offered here are distinct from each other: "Interstellar Astronomy" captures more of the prolonged psychedelic suites, while "Jugbands and Scarecrows" includes some of their early singles, repackaged as the bonus disc in the boxed set "Shine On." All tracks listed are from studio albums and/or other officially released compilations; none are exclusively from bootleg releases.

Interstellar Astronomy, Side 1: 50 minutes

Interstellar Astronomy, Side 2: 50 minutes

Jugbands and Scarecrows, Side 1: 55 minutes

Jugbands and Scarecrows, Side 2: 55 minutes

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