George Harrison: Segues

The following represents what the Segue Service would recommend to enthusiasts who would like to summarize his solo work and some key Beatles tracks. This was not easy, progressing from his Beatles-era Sir George Martin productions, to the "Wall-of-Sound" with producer Phil Spector on his landmark album "All Things Must Pass," to the somewhat lackluster mid-to-late 1970s, to the Jeff Lynne / Traveling Wilburyís era of the late 1980s. Most every track is available on either his 1975 greatest hits (GH) album (which includes Beatles and solo material), his 1989 GH album, from ATMP, from the Beatles Anthology albums, or ATMP. We welcome your critique. Feel free to contact the proprietor of the service at for comments, or requests for contracted service.

Side 1 (55 minutes)

Side 2 (55 minutes)

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