Journey: Segues

This page includes segue suggestions now includes selections from the new album "Trial by Fire," incorporated into the context of this group's AOR momentum captured in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Less emphasis is placed on the adolescent-oriented pop of the late 1980s. Segues for a 110 minute ultimate greatest hits tape, two 110-minute AOR tapes and one 90-minute AOR tape are included, in decreasing order of priority. Two of the AOR tapes also incorporate solo material. We welcome your critique. Feel free to contact the proprietor of the service at for comments, or requests for contracted service.

Resequenced Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection:

"Greatest Hits"

Resequenced AOR collections:

"Still They Ride"

"Keep On Running"

"After the Fall"

Resequencing suggestions for albums:

Trial by Fire


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