Simon and Garfunkel: Segues

NEW!!! The "What If They Didnít Split Up?" Collection (1964-1986)

This is a compelling song order for fans of the premier folk duo of the late 1960s. Top 40 tracks (mostly) from their 1960s albums as a duo are merged in with Top 40 tracks from their solo albums of the 1970s and 1980s. Side one tends to emphasize Art Garfunkelís presence, while side 2 clearly favors Paul Simonís foundations of the "Muscle Shoals" sound, that ultimately landed him in South America and Africa for his studio albums of the late 1980s. All of the S&G tracks are available on the recently released (and wonderfully arranged and remastered) "Old Friends" boxed set. All other tracks are available on Paul Simonís and Art Garfunkelís respective greatest hits releases in the late 1980s. ("AG" indicates Garfunkelís solo hits)

Side 1: 55 minutes

Side 2: 55 minutes

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