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This page includes links to many segue suggestions. There are ideas for resequenced studio albums and album sessions, a live album and video, an unplugged album, and two "greatest hits" attempts. There are also two boxed sets ideas: one incorporating B-sides to original album concepts, and the other a six-hour Tori marathon in a gripping sequence that tries to capture streams of consciousness into a logical story. Also available are links to my concert reviews on the Dew Drop Inn home page.

Resequenced albums and sessions

NEW!! from the choirgirl hotel

Little Earthquakes

Under the Pink

Boys for Pele


"Greatest Hits" and Covers and B-Sides

NEW!!! A greatest hits collection specifically from album tracks (1991-1998).

NEW!!! Y Kant Tori Dance: the best of YKTR and from CD-single dance versions (1989-1998).

NEW!!! Faerie Tales: Tori Covers (1978-1998).

NEW!!! Walking to Baltimore: Toriís B-Sides and Rarities (1980-1997).

A valid attempt at a greatest hits collection geared towards future Tori fans (1991-1996).

Live album ideas

Unplugged album idea (from material 1996 and before)

Live album idea (from material 1996 and before)

Boxed sets

Chronology Boxed Set (1989-1996)

Take a Holiday, the 6-hour Tori marathon boxed set (1980-1996)


Concert reviews on the Dew Drop Inn Home Page

September 14, 1996

May 30, 1996

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