Tori Amos: Segues

Take a Holiday: The Six-Hour Boxed Set

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This collection exactly fits onto a VHS tape when recorded at SLP. All the tracks listed are available in the public domain. It represents a gripping sequence which crosses chronological bounds in order to capture the artist's tangential streams of consciousness (lyrically and musicaly) into a logical story. Attempts were made to make the sequence flow logically even if selections were missing. That is, if the enthusiast owned all but 10-15 rare tracks, the sequence would still work on the strengths of the sequencing of the songs from the readily available studio albums, EPs, and CD5s. If the enthusiast doesn't have time to make the actual tape, then program your CD player, or simply imagine them in this order. Feel free to contact us at with your comments. Enjoy!

Suite 1: Learning to Read

  • Evergreen
  • Walking With You
  • Baltimore
  • The Big Picture
  • Talula (BT's synesthaesia mix)
  • Workers/Happy Worker
  • Sweet Dreams
  • God
  • Caught a Lite Sneeze
  • Take to the Sky
  • Floating City
  • Fire on the Side
  • Cool On Your Island
  • Tear in Your Hand
  • Etienne

    Suite 2: Behind the Prison Door

  • Honey
  • Space Dog
  • Past the Mission
  • In the Springtime of His Voodoo
  • Samurai

    Suite 3: The Judy Garland Sessions

  • Mr. Zebra
  • The Wrong Band
  • Toodles Mr. Jim
  • Daisy Dead Petals
  • Happy Phantom
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Suite 4: Covers and Rarities

  • This Old Man
  • Boys in the Trees
  • Black Swan
  • Famous Blue Raincoat
  • Saturday Afternoon 1963
  • Landslide
  • For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
  • I'm On Fire
  • American Pie/Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Losing My Religion
  • Angie
  • Thank You
  • Down by the Seaside

    Suite 5: Born in Your Backyard

  • Twinkle
  • Here in My Head
  • Not the Red Baron
  • Doughnut Song
  • Sister Janet
  • Butterfly
  • Frog On My Toe
  • Cloud On My Tongue

    Suite 6: Threads That Are Golden

  • Beauty Queen
  • Horses
  • Leather
  • Icicle
  • Upside Down
  • Silent All these Years
  • Pretty Good Year
  • Ode to the Banana King
  • Bells For Her

    Suite 7: My Own Religion

  • Way Down
  • Little Amsterdam
  • Muhammad My Friend
  • Father Lucifer
  • Crucify
  • Girl
  • The Waitress
  • Cornflake Girl
  • Talula (original or tornado mix)
  • Blood Roses
  • Professional Widow
  • Precious Things

    Suite 8: Family and Friends

  • The Pool
  • Winter
  • Mother
  • She's Leaving Home
  • Graveyard
  • Marianne
  • Yes Anastasia

    Suite 9: The Cracks Don't Seem to Show

  • Song for Eric
  • Sugar
  • Baker Baker
  • Putting the Damage On
  • Purple Rain
  • Hey Jupiter
  • China
  • Me and a Gun
  • Little Earthquakes

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