Tori Amos: Segues

The Greatest Hits 1988-1996

This is a compelling song order for our friends who still may be uninitiated to Tori. Obviously, it is impossible to say which songs are "the best" because they are all quite remarkable. Listed below is a representative sampling of many arrangements and production styles which would likely interest the uninitiated future fan.

Side 1: 55 minutes)

  • Honey
  • Crucify
  • God
  • Caught a Lite Sneeze
  • Happy Worker (Toys soundtrack)
  • Cool on Your Island (YKTR)
  • Tear in Your Hand
  • Talula
  • Cornflake Girl
  • Professional Widow
  • Precious Things
  • Flying Dutchman

    Side 2: 55 minutes)

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Losing My Religion (Higher Learning soundtrack)
  • Marianne
  • Father Lucifer
  • Sugar (1991 version)
  • Hey Jupiter (Dakota/EP mix)
  • Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen Tribute album)
  • Winter
  • China
  • Silent All These Years
  • Pretty Good Year
  • Little Earthquakes

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