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Under the Pink segue suggestion:


NEW! The Under the Pink Sessions (1993-1994)

Side 1 (57 minutes)

  • All the Girls Hate Her
  • Over It
  • Cloud on my Tongue
  • Black Swan
  • Butterfly
  • Sister Janet
  • Daisy Dead Petals
  • The Wrong Band
  • Past the Mission
  • Honey
  • Space Dog
  • Ring My Bell
  • If 6 Was 9
  • Happy Worker
  • God

    Side 4 (61 minutes)

  • Pretty Good Year
  • Home on the Range
  • Bells for Her
  • Losing My Religion
  • Baker Baker
  • A Case of You
  • Famous Blue Raincoat
  • Down By The Seaside
  • The Waitress
  • Cornflake Girl
  • Icicle
  • Yes Anastasia

    If desiring to transcribe onto a 110-minute tape, replace Over It with Bells for Her on side 1, omit Ring My Bell from side 1, and omit Bells for Her from Side 2. It still flows very nicely.

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