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Thrust Quarterly

Here's a hot-rockin' rockabilly disc. The flip side is even better than the A-side, but on both you gotta love that deep rumble growl that is the singer's voice. Great bass sound to boot, and both songs recorded "drunk, live, and in one take." What more do you want? Order now.
- Geoffrey Brown


A psychobilly band from Pittsburgh with a sore throat singer. The roots lie in metal and punk, as if I needed a bio to figure that out. The A-side is a high speed dirt bike ride down a bumpy road. The flip features some impressive twin guitar, heavy slap, and drums along with that maniac on the vocals. The bio mentions Darby Crash and Conway Twitty drinking together. If the late smooth one ever heard Scotty Quay let out a beller, there is no way in hell he'd be drinking with him. Interesting to say the least.
- William Athey

In Pittsburgh Newsweekly

The 'Burgh is experiencing a pompadoured rockabilly mini-renaissance, and these are the first locals to commit the energetic retro-groove to wax. The band displays a distinct punk lineage - gravel voice Scott Quay sang for the Bad Genes, and authentic stand-up bassist Blair Powell pounded skins for the Genes and Doomwatch. Unlike the slicker recordings of some contemporaries such as Flat Duo Jets, this is raw and lo-fi, "live and in one take." But the songs can still keep you rockin' and drinkin' way past midnight.
- Manny Theiner

Bob Hume, Rock, Rattle, 'n' Roll radio show, Perth, Australia.

I received a copy of the Highway 13 45 in the mail today. After downloading a snippet of "Time I Go" from their home page to blast out at work every time I close windows its great to hear the whole thing.
This single cooks. "Two Timin' Dog"/"Time I Go". The home made looking cover boasts that this was "Recorded drunk, live and in one take ...". It sure sounds like it and that's not a put down. I could call this drunkabilly. :)
It's rough raw and exciting. Highway 13 are not re-creating a Happy Days here. This is exciting 90's rough and ready rock-a-billy. It needs to be played loud. The music hasn't been recorded over a year with millions of overdubs abd edited from the best phonemes, it's done live and retains the excitement of being live with an attitude no rock star is ever gonna understand.
To find out more check out Highway 13's homepage. You can download a sample there and annoy squares at your work. You can find out how to order the single. You can get there from Bertrand's home page and no doubt most other home pages maintained by people on this list.
DISCLAIMER. I have no relationship with Highway 13 and have been offerred no money, drugs, sex or travel for this review - the bastards. :)

Blue Suede News #34

"Two Timin' Dog" - I love this song - true American bopcats - recorded in one take, cool! B) "Time I Go" - not a quantum leap in rock culture, but it's got a good beat that's easy to dance to - I give it a 77, Dick. Highway 13 of Ohio (sic - we're from PA) were the first band to answer our S.O.S. for Robert Gordon on the internet. Thanks guys!
-Dennis DeWitt