Discrete Structures

Instructor: Don Bonidie
6141 Sennott Square

Course web page:

• Kenneth H. Rosen. Discrete Mathematics and Its
Applications, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill

Grading policy
• Exams: (70%)
– Midterm 35%
– Final 35%

****final and midterm % are subject to a 5% swing

• Homework assignments: 30%

Weekly homework assignments
• Assigned in class and posted on the course web page
• Due one week later at the beginning of the lecture or recitation
• No extension policy - be on time!

Collaboration policy:
• You may discuss the material covered in the course
with your fellow students in order to understand it better
• However, homework assignments should be worked on
and written up individually

Cheating policy:

Tentative topics:
• Logic and proofs
• Sets
• Functions
• Integers and modular arithmetic
• Sequences and summations
• Counting
• Probability
• Relations
• Graphs

If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accomodation, you are encouraged to contact both me and the Disability Resources and Services office, 140 WPU, 412 624-7890 / 412 624-7355(TTY), as soon as posible in the term. DRS will verify your disability and determine reasonable accommodations for the course.