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Agricultura ancestral, camellones y albarradas: Contexto social, usos y retos del pasado y del presente

Edited by Francisco Valdez

A result of the international colloquium "Agricultura Prehispánica: Sistemas agrícolas andinos basados en el drenaje o elevación de los suelos cultivados" that took place in Quito in 2003, with the participation of professionals from different fields and different countries. The articles are divided into four main topics: I. Typology, system mechanics, and space management; II. Conditions and impact of these complex systems on the social organization of the users; III. Agronomic and environmental aspects of the systems; IV. Present use, experimentation, and impact of use. Authors: William Denevan, Pierre Gondard, Jean Francois Bouchard, Anne Rose de Fontainieu, Sneider Rojas Mora, Jorge G. Marcos, Chantal Caillavet, Inés Cavelier, Rafael Gassón, Florencio Delgado, Diógenes Patiño, Samuel Ordoñez Colque, Oscar Saavedra Arteaga, Clark Erickson, among others. In Spanish.

Published by Editorial Abya-Yala (Quito), 2006. 361 pp. ISBN: 9978-22-563-3.

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