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Cambios en la alfarería y agricultura en el centro del litoral pacífico colombiano durante los dos últimos milenios

by Héctor Salgado López and David Michael Stemper

The research reported in this book involves five main themes: chronology, geoarchaeology, religion, changes in sociopolitical complexity, and the relationship between people and their environment. It concludes that: there have been changes in the coast line; changes in the vegetation and topography caused by weather and natural catastrophes are noted; changes in religious practices through time are interepreted as reflections of political changes; a comparison of the changes in “power” between periods is made; and finally, that the archaeological evidence contradicts the myth of the “green hell” or the “virgin” forest in a region where there was a successful prehispanic agricultural intensification despite supposed environmental limitations. In Spanish.

Published by Banco de la República de Colombia, 1995. 234 pp.

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