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Coronado, un cementerio de la Cultura Malagana: Excavaciones iniciales

by Leonor Herrera, Marianne Cardale de Schrimpff, and Sonia Archila

A report on excavations at a cemetery of the Malagana Culture in the city of Palmira, in Colombia's Cauca Valley. The Malagana Culture is named after the extensively looted cemetery at Malagana, and Coronado is the first reported Malagana site with a large sample of burials, most of them intact, which were excavated under controlled conditions. The the excavations are described, and the cemetery is analyzed as a whole and in the context of Malagana Culture. Appendices report on specialized analyses: soils, ceramics, seeds, charcoal, and botanical macroremains. Illustrated with abundant color photos and line drawings of burials, artifacts, and botanical remains. In Spanish.

Published by Banco de la República de Colombia, 2007. 224 pp. ISBN: 978-958-98252-2-8.

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