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El Mundo andino: Población, medio ambiente y economía

by John V. Murra

Twenty-two articles on Andean history written or published in the last forty years by John Murra. Some have not appeared in Spanish before or could only be found in hard-to-find journals. Murra's work on Andean culture is based primarily on ethnohistory, representing a convergence of anthropological and historical methods. His analysis also incorporates information from other disciplines, including archaeology, botany, metallurgy, geography, ecology, agronomy, and linguistics. Murra was a pioneer in using the chronicles of the Spanish conquest, including Visitas and bureaucratic reports such as those by Polo de Ondegardo, to reconstruct the history of Tawantinsuyu. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (Lima), 2009. 511 pp. ISBN: 9972-51-072-7.

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