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Recursos naturales renovables y pesca, siglos XVI-XVII
Curacas y sucesiones, costa norte

by María Rostworowski (Obras Completas IV)

The second edition of two works by Rostworowski. The first, Recursos Naturales Renovables y Pesca, presents a panorama of societies on the coast of Peru, around lakes, valleys and coves, during the late prehispanic and early colonial periods. For this edition, a study on guano that did not appear in the first edition of 1981 has been added. Curacas y Sucesiones, Costa Norte, is another Rostworowski classic. It was one of the first serious efforts to provide a picture of the local chiefs of Andean society who later would have an important role not only during the colonial period but also after independence. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (Lima), 2005. 330 pp. ISBN: 9972-51-120-0.

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