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Mujer y poder en los Andes coloniales.
"Doña Francisca Pizarro. Una ilustre mestiza, 1534-1698" y otros ensayos acerca de la mujer en los Andes prehispánicos y coloniales

by María Rostworowski (Obras Completas X)

This volume compiles seven essays of María Rostworowski written between 1970 and 1996 all about women and power in colonial times in the Andes. Divided into two sections, the first one collects theoretical essays exploring the different roles women had in past Andean society. The second one presents key cases from the first ten years of Colonial times. Historian Claudia Rosas writes the introductory essay provides the framework to better understand the topic. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (Lima), 2015. 336 pp. ISBN: 978-9972-51-521-7.

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