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El poder provincial en el imperio inka

by Terence N. D'Altroy

Originally published in English in 1992 (Provincial Power in Inka Empire), this study looks at the archaeological evidence for Inka subjugation of the Xauxa and Wanka people in highland Peru's Upper Mantaro Valley (Central Andes region) around 1460 A.D. While seeking to understand how Inka imperial strategy worked, it considers at a higher level how complex societies evolve. The author describes the results of over a decade of field archaeology in the Mantaro region, summarizes Inka military strategy and tactics, and analyzes the effect of 70 years of Inka rule on Upper Mantaro communities. Translated into Spanish by Magdalena Chocano.

Published by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (Lima, Peru) and the Banco Central de Reserva del PerĂº, 2015. 538 pp. ISBN in Per: 978-9972-51-548-4.

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