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Ofrendas funerarias de Chupícuaro, Guanajuato

by Dolores Flores

Catalog of archaeological artifacts from burials at the site of Chupícuaro, now under the waters of the Solís dam, located in Mesoamerica's northern frontier zone. Although considered not totally Mesoamerican, Chupícuaro shows its strategic function as a bridge between the cultures of the Basin of Mexico, the west, and the north of Mexico. The catalog describes a variety of objects placed as funerary offerings, such as clay figurines, earplugs, musical instruments, shell necklaces and pieces manufactured in animal bones, among others. Contains black-and-white photos of the artifacts. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico), 1992. 182 pp. ISBN: 968-29-3560-4.

$20.00 (shipping included). Order code IN229.