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Los copales mexicanos y la resina sagrada del Templo Mayor de Tenochtitlan

by Aurora Montúfar López

The use of copal (a hard resin, called copalli in Nahuatl and pom in Mayan) and its association with fire to produce white and fragrant smoke to facilitate communication between humans and deities have been present in Mexico since prehispanic times. This volume addresses, besides the ritual aspect, the role of copal in medicine, education, and trade in prehispanic times as well as in the present. The analysis is based on ethnographic information, and especially on the archaeological remains found by the Programa de Arqueología Urbana. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico, D.F.), 2007. 120 pp. ISBN: 978-968-03-0232-1.

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