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La población maya costera de Chac Mool: Análisis biocultural y dinámica demográfica en el Clásico Terminal y Posclásico

edited by Lourdes Márquez Morfín, Patricia Hernández Espinoza, and Ernesto González Licón

The study of prehispanic Maya populations has been limited by the lack of good preservation of skeletal materials. Postprocessual studies at the end of the 20th century have argued for the need for new holistic approaches in which each of the disciplines involved provides information, with the final goal of an integrated interpretation of the evidence. Following this holistic approach, the volume brings together the efforts of archaeologists, physical anthropologists, and other specialists on aspects related to demographic dynamics, health and living conditions, to analyze the inhabitants of Chac Mool. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico, D.F.), 2006. 231 pp. ISBN: 978-968-03-0207-9.

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