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La explotación de recursos marino-litorales en Oxtankah

by Emiliano Ricardo Melgar Tísoc

This volume answers questions about the aquatic resources the prehispanic Maya had at their disposal at Oxtankah, how they exploited them, and what the patterns of consumption were. A holistic approach to the activities performed by contemporary Maya fishermen on the west coast of Chetumal Bay adds to our knowledge of fishing techniques, the species exploited, salt production, and the manufacture and distribution of shell objects. Through experimental archaeology and the analysis of manufacturing marks on shell objects, two technological traditions were identified: a local tradition emerged during the early Classic and climaxed during the late Classic and a foreign one was brought by Putun immigrants during the Postclassic. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico, D.F.), 2008. 391 pp. ISBN: 978-968-03-0322-9.

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