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Perspectiva tafonómica: Evidencias de alteraciones de restos oseos del México prehispánico

edited by Carmen Ma. Pijoan Aguadé and Xabier Lizarraga Cruchaga

Physical anthropology specialists and students alike will be interested in this particular approach to the understanding of the human phenomenon, through the detection and analysis of diverse cultural phenomena and processes derived from the transformation of mortuary remains. A cut, blow, scrape, or color in the bones provide a great deal of information which, if rigorously and imaginatively managed and analyzed, open the field of knowledge of extinct human groups: what was done (and how) to human remains, and even the probable whys, with what techniques and instruments, etc. The volume contains 12 articles addressing cultural taphonomy. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico, D.F.), 2004. 219 pp. ISBN: 968-03-0046-3.

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