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El penacho del México antiguo

edited by Sabine Haag, Alfonso de María y Campos, Lilia Rivero Weber, and Christian Feest

The only Mexican feather headdress curated at the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna has sparked the interest and imagination of experts as well as the general public since its discovery in 1878 by the geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter. He was the first director of the then recently created Museum of Natural History in Vienna and recognized the importance of the spectacular object made with feathers from quetzal and other birds. It has gold ornaments and in the beginning was catalogued as "Moorish hat" in the 1596 inventory of the famous Ambras collection, one of the largest chambers of art and marvels of its time, owned by Archduke Ferdinand II of Tirol. In post-revolutionary Mexico, it was deemed to be the "headdress of Moctezuma" and was adopted as an indigenist symbol identifying the new Mexico with the Aztec empire. This volume is the result of a collaboration between Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia in Mexico and the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna which aimed at widening the historiographical knowledge available, evaluating the headdress's physical state, investigating its changing cultural meanings, and identifying the restoration procedures necessary for its conservation, so as to ensure its future permanent exhibit for common benefit of both museums. The volume presents for the first time abundant evidence related to the history, possible meanings and uses, and manufacturing techniques of this important document from the time of the Spanish conquest. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico, D.F.) and Museum für Völkerkunde (Vienna), 2012. 152 pp. ISBN: 978-3-9811620-6-6 (paperback), 978-3-9811620-7-3 (hard cover).

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