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La Religión mexica

by Rafael Tena

The first Europeans to arrive in ancient Mexico were deeply impressed by the achievements and characteristics of the civilization they encountered, especially by the intense religious fervor among the native population. After five centuries, that initial astonishment regarding prehispanic religious manifestations still survives and stimulates the efforts to gain a better understanding of those societies and their religion. Mexica religion is a vast and complex topic, one which Rafael Tena has been able to discuss with clarity. This work on the religion of Mexica society, integrated with studies on other cultural aspects of that prehispanic society and others, allows us to have a more complete and accurate view of Mesoamerican civilization. In Spanish.

Published by Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico, D.F.), 2012. 182 pp. ISBN: 978-607-484-288-3.

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