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Los incas

by Franklin Pease

The writers of the Spanish Colonial chronicles inquired about Inka history, and were told myths and oral traditions. The myths described the origins of the world and, in more elaborate cases, the different eras it had gone through. Gods who had participated in organizing the world order appeared in them, as well as the founding heroes who had carried out the sacred dispositions. This mythical universe was, of course, not historical in the sense that the Spanish chroniclers understood the term. It did not correspond to their chronological, spatial, or personal categories. Nonetheless, the chroniclers reorganized this information in a traditional Western chronological manner and gave Inka rulers the qualities of European kings. In this way they transmitted a strongly Westernized view of Tawantinsuyu. This book is an effort to analyze this complicated situation and to provide a deeper understanding of Inka cosmovision. In Spanish.

Published by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Lima), 2007, 4th edition. 175 pp. ISBN: 978-9972-42-820-3.

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