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Arqueología histórica en América del Sur: los desafíos del Siglo XXI

by Pedro Paulo A. Funari and Andrés Zarankin, editors

South America is a region active in the production of archaeological theory and in the proposal of alternative interpretations. The editors present here a number of papers on historical archaeology as carried out in different parts of South America by Latin American archaeologists. The papers were presented at a meeting in Bogotá organized with the purpose of bringing down the borders of an archaeology traditionally isolated within country boundaries. Authors include: Maria Ximena Senatore, Carlos E. López Castaño and Martha C. Cano, Nanci Vieira De Oliveira, Claudia Pens, Monika Therrien, as well as the editors of the volume. In Spanish.

Published by Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), 2004. 144 pp. ISBN: 958-695-132-4.

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