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Los herederos del pasado: Indígenas y pensamiento criollo en Colombia y Venezuela.

by Carl Henrik Langebaek Rueda

A two-volume boxed set, large format, hard cover, and profusely illustrated. This study traces the idealization and appropriation of indigenous peoples and their prehispanic past by the creoles of Colombia and Venezuela. The study begins with the way indigenous peoples were depicted during the Spanish Conquest, and continues with the birth of the idea that their past was part of the history of the conquerors' past. The author proposes that the idealized image of the Indians really refers less to indigenous people than to creoles who through their own ideology use the native to represent themselves. ("Criollo" has several meanings but in history it refers to the descendants of the Spanish in the New World.) In addition, Langebaek reflects on the relationship between European and North American thought with regard to the inhabitants of the tropics, and on creole responses to this. In Spanish.

Published by Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá), 2009. Vol.I:394 pp., Vol.II: 336 pp. ISBN: 978-958-695-401-3.

$75.00 (shipping included). Order code UA042.