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The Terracotta Figurines from Sigvald Linné's Excavations at Teotihuacan, Mexico

by Sue Scott

A study of a large number of figurines excavated in 1932 and 1934-35 by Sigvald Linné, one of Erland Nordenskiöld's promising students, and presently housed in the National Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm. The importance of this work rests in part on the fact that the figurines were excavated by Linné using techniques far advanced for his time. (Available in Europe from The National Museum of Ethnography, Box 27140, S-102 52 Stockholm, Sweden, Tel. +46 8 5195-5029, fax +46 8 5195-5070, E-mail:

Published by National Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm, 2001. 114 pp. and 175 plates. ISBN: 91-85344-40-0.

$40.00 (shipping included). Order code UC024.