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Tiwanaku: Aproximaciones a sus contextos históricos y sociales

Edited by Mario A. Rivera and Alan L. Kolata

The result of papers presented in a symposium at the International Congress of Americanists in Santiago, Chile, 2003, the book is divided into four parts. The first includes articles related to Tiwanaku outside of its nuclear area, in particular in northern Chile. The articles in the second part refer to the biological anthropology of Tiwanaku, while the third part includes other Tiwanaku manifestations such as music, textiles, etc. Finally, the fourth part takes a more global look at the Tiwanaku phenomenon. Authors include Javier Tamblay, Daniel Shea, Francisco Rothhammer, Deborah Blom, José Pérez de Arce, William Conklin, David Browman, among others. In Spanish.

2004. 387 pp. ISBN: 956-8024-11-5.

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