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Reconocimiento y excavaciones en el austro ecuatoriano

by Donald Collier and John V. Murra

A Spanish translation by Benigno Malo of work during the 1940s by Collier and Murra, with additional articles on more recent research by Dominique Gomis, Karen Olsen, and Francisco Valdez, all related to southern highland and eastern lowland Ecuador. In addition to the articles by Gomis, Olsen, and Valdez on more recent research, the translated text is now accompanied by radiocarbon dates for the region obtained by a British project. Profusely illustrated with color photos of archaeological materials from the region. In Spanish.

Published by Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Núcleo del Azuay (Cuenca), 2007. 465 pp. No ISBN.

$54.00 (shipping included). Order code UC075.