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La vías del patrimonio, la memoria y la arqueología

edited by Diógenes Patiño C.

The topics of patrimony, memory and archaeology are used as in rich and varied ways as tools by states, as well as regional and local groups attempting to conserve and protect their archaeological, historical, and environmental heritage. These can be powerful tools for reinforcing or reclaiming the rights of disadvantaged groups. Societies without memory, without a conserved and proclaimed patrimony are societies without history, without a past, and without concrete ways to claim it. The articles in this book are suggestive not only for academics but also for social groups and communities looking for new references related to the treatment of patrimony and useful ways to approach it. The articles contain examples from Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. In Spanish.

Published by Universidad del Cauca, Popayán (Colombia), 2007. 220 pp. ISBN: 978-958-9451-37-3.

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