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La formación del estado prehispánico en los Andes: Origen y desarrollo de la sociedad segmentaria indígena

by Juan V. Albarracin-Jordan

A sweeping consideration of the formation of the prehispanic state-level society centered at Tiwanaku in Bolivia. This classic issue in social theory is approached from a theoretical perspective structured around the principles of segmentary organization and the particular characteristics of prehispanic Andean institutions. More than just a description of Tiwanaku as a ceremonial center, this volume considers the history of social thought about Tiwanaku; the geographic context in which it emerged; the social, political, and economic organization it developed; and what became of it in Colonial and Republican times. In Spanish.

Published by Fundación Bartolomé de las Casas (La Paz), 2007. 236 pp. No ISBN.

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