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Mitología Taína o Eyeri: Ramón Pané y la Relación sobre las Antigüedades de los Indios, el primer tratado etnográfico hecho en América

edited by Angel Rodríguez Alvarez

An edition of the chronicle written by the Spanish friar Jerónimo Ramón Pané in 1498, regarded as the first ethnographic document of the New World. Pané arrived in Hispaniola in 1494 with Columbus on his second voyage. After spending a year in the fort of Magdalena, Pané was ordered to go and live with the chief Guarionex in order to learn the native language. After two years there, he went on to live with the chief Mabiatué for three years, learning another indigenous language. His completed chronicle was brought back to Spain in 1498 by Columbus. This volume contains a facsimile of the Italian manuscript from the 16th century, and the text of the chronicle in Spanish and English, along with extensive notes in Spanish, photos of artifacts, and drawings from several historical sources.

Published by Editorial Nuevo Mundo, Puerto Rico, 2009, revised and augmented edition. 406 pp. ISBN: 978-0-9774940-8-8.

$24.95 (shipping included). Order code UC093.