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Identidad y Estilo entre las Alfareras Mixtecas y Amuzgas de la Costa de Oaxaca y Guerrero, México

by Frances Ahern

Ahern's monograph on contemporary pottery-producing communities of the Pacific coast of western Oaxaca and eastern Guerrero is pioneering research that tests the often tacitly accepted premise that the geographic extent of a pottery style matches the distribution of ethnic identity. Between 1988 and 2004 Ahern studied the traditional pottery industries of Mixtec and Amuzga communities, documenting manufacturing technology, social organization of production, and market strategies that link producers and consumers. A total of 127 potters from nine towns and villages were interviewed and observed. This ethnographic study is especially valuable for archaeologists, confirming some of the assumptions often relied on by archaeologists but rarely tested, as well as shedding light on unforeseen factors that can confuse the spatial relationship between style and identity. In Spanish.

Published by Centro INAH Oaxaca, 2010. 59 pp. ISBN: 978-607-00-2924-0.

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