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Ephraim George Squier en Centroamérica, Perú y Bolivia

by Juan V. Albarracin-Jordan

Poet, editor, diplomat, explorer, and ethnographer, Squier's writing about his explorations in the Andes is full of moving episodes and adventures, both tragic and joyful. Squier's work in Central America, Peru, and Bolivia contributed to moving ethnology during the 19th century from an amateur activity to a more professional and scientific vision. Includes photographs taken between 1863 and 1865 of Tiwanaku and other archaeological monuments on the islands of Lake Titicaca and in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. In Spanish.

Published by Fundación Bartolomé de las Casas and Plural Editores (La Paz), 2011. 97 pp. ISBN: 978-99954-1-328-6.

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